Principal Venue Partner & European Music Campus

High-calibre classical concerts against a romantic backdrop: Grafenegg, situated near Vienna, is one of Europe's most important concert venues for classical music.

With its historicist castle grounds and lauded concert hall, Grafenegg is home to orchestras and artists of high renown every year, such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra. Offering space for rehearsals and specially adapted facilities inside the castle, Grafenegg is also host of international music projects at the annual Grafenegg Campus. Summer’s highlight, the Grafenegg Festival, takes place at its architectonic beacon, the open-air stage Wolkenturm (“Pillar of Clouds”), which is rated one of the best outdoor stages in the world.

Together, Grafenegg and the European Union Youth Orchestra present the European Music Campus (EMC), a unique centre of musical dialogue and support for exceptional talents. Located in Lower Austria’s Grafenegg, this programme offers musicians, performers and audience members the opportunity to experience and participate in dynamic music making and lively debate. With an exhilarating sequence of discussions, performances and cultural experiment that range from the most formal to the most relaxed, the European Music Campus becomes a gateway to a new musical generation.

Having successfully initiated their close partnership within T2020, Grafenegg and the EUYO continue to build on the foundation they have laid. According to Paul A. Gessl, the managing director of Grafenegg and of the regional arts promotion organisation Niederösterreichische Kulturwirtschaft, Grafenegg and the EUYO “have developed a complex programme to promote creative discussion and dialogue at international level”.

Alongside concerts, laboratories and debate sessions, events of the European Music Campus include pop-up concerts, Late Night Sessions and a Music Gallery which takes place throughout the rooms of Grafenegg Castle, the heart of the campus. A specially formed European Music Campus Orchestra also meets to encourage a new generation of young musicians to aspire to the excellence and regeneration that lies at the centre of Grafenegg, the EUYO, and Europe’s first Music Campus.


European Music Campus Editions

EMC 2014 - Looking East
EMC 2015 - Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Verdi ... nationalism 
EMC 2016 - Mahler the Complete Musician
EMC 2017 - Spirit of the North