Orchestra Partners

Below is a list of our Orchestra Associate Partners with whom we collaborate so that the players of each orchestra can work together on projects, mentoring sessions and short apprenticeship schemes, for current members of the EUYO to learn from top musicians within their field and to play as part of a professional orchestra. 

Chamber Orchestra of Europe

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe was founded in 1981 by a group of young musicians graduating from the EUYO. The aim of the group was to be able to continue to perform together at the highest possible professional level; of the original group thirteen remain in the current membership of sixty. The members pursue careers as soloists, tutors and leaders of nationally based orchestras, yet they come together regularly to perform in major cities across Europe and occasionally in the USA and Japan.

Spira Mirabilis

Spira Mirabilis are a group of committed professional players with the aim of continuing to study music together - a 'musical laboratory'. The group came together in 2007 and soon found that their new approach to music making attracted an international audience. In October 2016, the EUYO and Spira Mirabilis came together to perform Brahms as part of the mentoring programme. 

Budapest Festival Orchestra

Founded by Ivan Fischer more than 30 years ago, core to the philosophy of the Orchestra is to take the risk, initiative and freedom to try things differently through performance. The Orchestra strive to maintain an openness towards the music, to take an innovative approach to the music so that each performance delivers something entirely exciting and unique.