Residency Partners

The EUYO gathers to rehearse in many places, including Bolzano, Italy and Grafenegg, Austria; which play a key role in supporting the Orchestra during the Summer Tour and acting as a Summer home for our players. 


Grafenegg, our Principal Venue Partner, is a welcoming home to the EUYO every year during our summer tour, offering the space for rehearsals, workshops, laboratories, intimate and also large scale performances to take place for our young musicians. Together, Grafenegg and the European Union Youth Orchestra present the European Music Campus (EMC), with 2017's edition titled 'Spirit of the North'. Click here to read more about our Principal Venue Partner.

Ferrara Musica

Ferrara Musica is both nationally and internationally renowned for its important and rich concert season which extends from October to May with over 20 exciting events each season. The Association, created in 1989 by its honorary president Claudio Abbado, the Town Council of Ferrara and the Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara Bank, prides itself on the excellence and originality of its artistic programme. Its mission since the very beginning has been to offer residence to young international orchestras such as the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and from 2018, the European Union Youth Orchestra, which will be in Ferrara each autumn and spring.

Bolzano Festival Bozen

Bolzano Festival Bozen is an annual summer residency for the EUYO. Founded by the great Claudio Abbado, the Music Director of the EUYO from 1976-1994, the festival is a project of the City of Bolzano, Project of Culture, hosting a range of performances and workshops across July and August, through to the beginning of September in the city of Bolzano, Italy. Click here to see the full programme, including the EUYO's performances from 18-22 August. 


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