Audition Tips

How can aspiring EUYO players be better prepared for audition?


We have asked ourselves this question, and we have come up with a little help for you in the form of videos made by our tutors, in which some of the most troubling issues are dealt with. You will have a better idea on how to prepare yourself for EUYO auditions, what to expect, be more confident and - who knows? Maybe you will join us in the future!


Peter Stark - The Golden Rules of orchestral auditions


Peter Gane - How to overcome Audition Anxiety




Downloadable documents

You would like to watch (again) the videos but you have a limited connection? Or you just prefer to read something? In any case, the content of the videos is also available in pdf - you may download them below!

Autumn 2019 Newsletter - Peter Stark - The golden rules of orchestral auditions.pdfAutumn 2019 Newsletter - Peter Gane - How to overcome audition anxiety.pdf