Audition Tips

How can aspiring EUYO players be better prepared for audition?

We have asked ourselves this question, and we have come up with a little help for you in the form of videos made by our tutors, in which some of the most troubling issues are dealt with. You will have a better idea on how to prepare yourself for EUYO auditions, what to expect, be more confident and - who knows? Maybe you will join us in the future!


The Golden Rules of orchestral auditions

with Peter Stark


How to overcome Audition Anxiety

with Peter Gane


How to record your best audition video

We have collected some guidelines in cooperation with the Recording and Audio Visual Team of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. You can download them below. 

Downloadable documents

Autumn 2019 Newsletter - Peter Stark - The golden rules of orchestral auditions.pdfAutumn 2019 Newsletter - Peter Gane - How to overcome audition anxiety.pdfEUYO Audition video recording guidelines.pdf