Sir John Tusa and Ian Stoutzker, CBE become co-chairmen of EUYO

Sir John Tusa and Ian Stoutzker, CBE become Co-Chairmen of the European Union Youth Orchestra at a pivotal moment in the Orchestra’s strategic development.

The European Union Youth Orchestra is in a period of immense change and development, particularly with the ambitious objectives of ‘Towards 2020’, its international cooperation project co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme. In this context, the EUYO is delighted to announce that Sir John Tusa and Ian Stoutzker, CBE, two of the world’s most exceptional and committed arts advocates and innovators, are joining its Trustees as Co-Chairmen with immediate effect.

The EUYO takes this opportunity to thank Robert Albert for his outstanding contribution as Founding Trustee and as Chairman of the EUYO for the last ten years. Robert Albert now steps down from his role as Chairman to become Trustee Emeritus.

Sir John Tusa is quoted as being "delighted to be joining the EUYO as Co-Chairman, as it is an Orchestra I have heard and known for many years and whose values and qualities I hugely admire. I am confident it has a great European future ahead of it."

Ian Stoutzker said, "The EUYO, founded in 1976 through the inspiration and commitment of Joy Bryer, has been an outstanding example of European cultural cooperation for almost 40 years. Building on this tradition, my aim is to help reinvigorate the Orchestra and broaden the scope of its activities, ensuring the highest levels of performance, and thus enabling it to continue to act as a beacon and example of what can be achieved by European endeavour."

Former Chairman (2004 – 2014), Robert Albert, has confessed his stepping-down was only possible because "Sir John Tusa and Ian Stoutzker, two of Europe’s leading arts figures, have agreed to be Co-Chairs in my place. I know that they will carry on the outstanding record of achievement of the European Union Youth Orchestra and not only maintain its reputation as Europe’s leading youth orchestra, but also achieve the goals of the EU’s new culture programme ‘Creative Europe’."

President and Co-founder, Joy Bryer: "Sir John brings unique talents to the future of the Orchestra and will, I am convinced, give it broader understanding and worldwide attention. Ian’s dedication to Live Music Now epitomises the great need for culture in today’s world. He will be a significant and inspirational addition to the team."

Marshall Marcus, EUYO’s CEO, described the news as "both humbling and inspiring. Ian and John bring such a wealth of experience, support and understanding to the EUYO. Indeed they are already actively driving change with us in a process that is already bringing an increasingly European outlook to the governance of the Orchestra."