EUYO Documentary Film Premiere

A new film showcases the EUYOshowing what it stands for, why it is needed today, and taking viewers into the heart of this EU Ambassador organisation 



An Aurora films documentary presents ‘Bringing Europe Alive’an intimate, engaging 25-minute portrait of the European Union Youth Orchestra filmed across Europe in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain. Using recent and also historic footage, the film takes viewers into the heart of the Orchestra, unfolding its compelling 45-year story with showcase performances in some of Europe’s greatest concert halls, and unique behind the scenes interviews with a vast array of interviewees including conductors, concert presenters, EU officials, current members, alumni, tutors, and the Orchestra’s governance and management teams.  



Four film chapters introduce the musicians, explain the Orchestra’s Ambassadorial European Union role, and focus on two key questions: What makes a great orchestra? and What are Orchestras for? As the film proceeds we realise that what makes this orchestra so special and so different from others is not just the talent and training of the individual musicians, nor even the evident and tangible presence of European values, but an almost alchemical ‘EUYO spirit’, an infectious warmth that is palpable in everyone involved in the project and plainly visible on stage. It is the ability to be true ambassadors, to bring together people from many different countries, speaking different languages, having diverse backgrounds, and, in a matter of weeks, to create a group capable of performing together as a single ensemble on stage with a formidable level of excellence.  



I found the freedom not to be afraid of showing who I am – but it’s not about who ‘I’ am, it’s about who ‘we’ are”; “the hunger, the drive and the passion that everyone has to be here … most of all, to make unbelievable music with each other”. These words from EUYO’s current concertmaster Paula Sanz Alasà and percussionist Jonathan Chapman are testament to the importance the Orchestra’s players give to the EUYO, producing what EUYO Secretary General Marshall Marcus calls “one of the great utopian societies. As the film unfolds, the Orchestra appears not simply as a goal in itself,  but as a vehicle for a way of life, for coming together in the 21st century with a common purpose for all: to bring Europe alive.