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"I count on the EUYO to join our efforts to overcome the current crisis and continue spreading the European message"

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

"The best possible ambassador for the European Union"

Jean-Claude Juncker, former European Commission President

"One of the greatest musical experiences I have ever had!"

Jess Gillam, 2021

"Among the élite institutions of its kind"

The New York Times, 2012

"The cream of Europe’s talent"

The Times, 2018

«Magnifique», «sublime»

Le Figaro, 2018

"The musicians chosen to join EUYO are the best of the best"

Deutsche Welle, 2020

"The EUYO [...] takes you into a magical utopia"

Der Tagesspiegel, 2020

"They dazzled us … unleashing almost unbearable passions"

UK Guardian, 2018

"The most talented musicians of Europe"

Il Giorno, 2019

"The musical façade of Europe in the world”

La Repubblica, 2019

"A youthful triumph of orchestral perfection"

Oman Observer, 2019



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