Alkistis Misouli

Born in January 1999 in Athens, Greece.

From the age of 9 until 2018, she had been dedicated to the viola lessons, her teacher being since then, Elias Sdoukos, soloist first-violist at the National Opera Orchestra,taking her final diploma in June 2018 in Athens Conservatoire.
She participated as a soloist-first viola in the school’s string orchestra, the guitar ensemble and the ensemble of contemporary music of the school , in Greece and abroad.

In 2014, she won the silver medal at the Philonas Music Competition.

In November 2015 she played the 2nd part of the Hoffmeister viola concert as a soloist with the Orchestra and Musical Society of Psychico, Athens.
The Academic Year 2016-2017 she was selected to take part as a member in the two-year program of the Young Musicians Academy of Athens State Orchestra and through this she did courses and master classes with Enkela Kocolani, Marc Sabbah, Tatjana Masurenko and Cristoph Poppen.

She has also had masterclasses with Nobuko Imai.

She has participated in various orchestras : Camerata Junior under the direction of Dimitris Semsis(2010-2018),
Greek-Turkish Youth Orchestra, ENA string ensemble,Marvao Festival Orchestra under the direction of Christoph Poppen, Athens State Orchestra, National Opera of Greece ,  Greek Youth Symphony Orchestra and Armonia Aetena of George Petrou. Also in the following seminars : Delphi Art Campus 2014, Evenos Chamber Music Masterclass (2017) , Pelion Festival (July 2017&2018) and Chamber Music Masterclass, conducted by Angelos Liakakis-cellist  and Titos Gouvelis-pianist ( October 2017 until April 2018).

She was  a member of the choir ROSARTE and she participated in the theatrical production Yio-Ki-Hi in SNFCC' Alternative stage.  Also, had the chance to play chamber music with the known Greek violinist George Demertzis and to perform the wold premiere of the quartet piece “Lullaby“ by Nimrod Bornstein.

In 2018, she began her studies in Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Sven Arne Tepl with a  scholarship from Vergotis Family in relation to Athens Conservatory.