Álvaro Canales Albert

Álvaro was born in Callosa de Segura (Alicante) in 1998, he began his bassoon studies very early with Marco Antonio Clemente.

He has also received lessons from Miguel Puchol, José Lozano Prior, Pedro Pérez Conejero, Enrique Abargues Morán, Juan Sapiña, Martin Mangrum, David Tomás, Javier Aragó, Vicent Alario, Álvaro Prieto, Jussi Särkkä, Simon Van Holen, Tobias Pelkner, Joseph Grimmer, Pieter Nuytten, María José Rielo, Malte Refardt and Afonso Venturieri.

He is member of the Youth Orchestra of the Region of Murcia since 2017 and has worked with orchestras like the Symphony Orchestra Region of Murcia, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena and Haydn Philarmonie. In 2019 he becomes member of the European Union Youth Orchestra, Pacific Music Festival and JONDE (Joven Orquesta Nacional de España).

He’s also reserve member in Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester 2019 and 2020. Since 2019 he is member of the Mediterranean Chamber Orchestra. He has played as soloist with the Municipal Band of Alicante and the Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena. Also, In 2020 will perform as a soloist in the National Concert Hall, Madrid.

He has worked with conductors like Erik Nielsen, Manuel Hernández Silva, Virginia Martinez, Peter Eotvös, Peter Stark, Vasily Petrenko, Nicolas Altstaedt, Enrico Onofri and Stephane Denevé Nowadays, he studies in Musikene with David Tomás, Javier Aragó, Álvaro Prieto and Vicent Alario.