Wiktoria Elżbieta Dettlaff

Since I remeber i play on violin. I was a pupil of Suzuki method school in Gdańsk, a small city in Poland.

Because my mom plays piano, all of my siblings, and we are 6 all togehter, went to a Music school for piano lessons. Three years ago I started playing viola as well. Now, I am studying violin in Warsaw and I am on my third year of Bachelor. I am playing mostly in orchestras because I simply love to be in a group of people that can share their love for music together. I also have my own small cameral chamber squad. Except for that I play in two quartets and one piano quintett. Last year together with my sister we made a string duo. Depending of a situation i play violin, or viola what gives as more capability with a programm :)

Music has always been something special that gave me happiness and joy. Thanks to that, I had opportunity to add a splendour to some festivities by playing on instruments. For example POM LYO orchestra, Ceuta international Orchestra, Aukso orchestra, JSO Tulln, Santander orchestra... but also small cameral N-Harmonia and the others. Since the beginning I practised and studied very hard to become professional musicians. In a future i would love to play in professional orchestra but my dream is also to made a small squad!