Jesús Cuesta Gordillo

Jesús Cuesta Gordillo was born in 1999 in Seville (Spain). He started playing the cello when he was 8 years old with professor Manuel Tomillo at the Conservatorio Cristóbal de Morales de Sevilla.

He also receives classes from Nonna Natsvlishvili, member of the Seville's Symphonic Royal Orchestra, since he was 9 years old. He is currently studying bachelor with Asier Polo and María Casado in Musikene (Vasque Country, Spain). He is a current full member of JONDE, and he was also a full member of the Andalusian Youth Orchestra beetween 2014 and 2018.

Lately he has participated in many proyects, as "Turina between Festivales", in May 2017 in Sevilla; in the BSO of the movie "Dantza"; in a proyect of therapy with music at the Kutxa's Institute of Oncology in San Sebastián; he has also played with Invisible Beauty Contemporary Dance Company; and as a member of the Garaiz Trio, he has performed at the Bilbao's Society and at the Music Fortnight of San Sebastián in 2019. During the last years he have received masterclasses from Gary Hoffmann, David Geringas, Viguen Sarkíssov, Enrico Dindo, Marc Coppey, István Várdai, Anssi Karttunen and from the composer Kaija Saariaho.

In 2015, he was a finalist at the XXVIII Llanes' Cello International Competition.