Stauffer Center for Strings

Specialising exclusively in string instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass), the Stauffer Center offers courses for soloists and ensembles taught by internationally renowned artists. Founded in 2021, the Center is based in Cremona, Italy. Known as the ‘city of violins’, Cremona is where violin making began—as well as being the home of Stradivari, it’s currently home to some of the most respected luthiers in the world. 

The Stauffer Center for Strings is an exciting, ambitious, innovative cultural project and centre of international excellence which provides a physical space for two current entities: The Stauffer Academy and the Stauffer Foundation. It draws on the experience of the Stauffer Academy, created 35 years ago, and is emerging half a century after the establishment of the Stauffer Foundation. (2020 saw the 50th anniversary of the Foundation and the 35th anniversary of its Academy.) The Center is the world’s first international music centre entirely dedicated to the higher education of strings, encompassing research, composition, production, management and innovation, with a recording studio and visiting guests from the contemporary as well as classical music worlds.