European Music Campus

The European Music Campus (EMC) 

The EMC is a unique centre of musical excellence for talented young European classical musicians. Located in Lower Austria’s Grafenegg, with Partners Grafenegg and the EUYO, the EMC offers performers and audiences the opportunity to experience and participate in dynamic music making and lively debate. With an exhilarating sequence of discussions, performances and cultural experiment that range from the most formal to the most relaxed, the European Music Campus is becoming a gateway to a new musical generation.

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EMC Events

Having successfully initiated the new EMC partnership in 2014, Grafenegg and the EUYO continue to work closely together to develop the project. According to Paul A. Gessl, the managing director of Grafenegg and of the regional arts promotion organisation Niederösterreichische Kulturwirtschaft, Grafenegg and the EUYO “have developed a complex programme to promote creative discussion and dialogue at an international level”.

Alongside concerts, music 'laboratories' and debate sessions, events of the European Music Campus include pop-up concerts, the Late Night Sessions, workshops on careers and entrepreneurship, and a Music Gallery which takes place throughout the rooms of Grafenegg Castle, the heart of the campus. A specially formed European Music Campus Orchestra also meets to encourage a new generation of young musicians to aspire to the excellence and regeneration that lies at the centre of Grafenegg, the EUYO, and Europe’s first Music Campus.

Each year, the EMC focuses on a particular theme:

European Music Campus Editions

EMC 2014 - Looking East
EMC 2015 - Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Verdi ... nationalism 
EMC 2016 - Mahler the Complete Musician
EMC 2017 - Spirit of the North
EMC 2018 - The Great Mosaic
EMC 2019 - The Listening Project


Click here for details of the 2016 European Music Campus Orchestra.