The EUYO Ferrara Chamber Academy

The EUYO Ferrara Chamber Academy focuses on chamber music teaching and performance, and includes an interesting pan-European and national element in the combining of professional and young players from Europe and the EU as both teachers and performers, as well as specific opportunities for young Italian musicians as part of the Orchestra's new residency and home in Italy. 


As part of the Academy Chamber Orchestra of Europe musicians teach, mentor and perform with EUYO players, who in turn teach, mentor and play with young Italian musicians selected from an open call out, all three groups living and working together in Ferrara. The Academy thus not only helps to develop the chamber music and ensemble skills of the EUYO, but also to further the EUYO’s mission to contribute to the development of young Italian musicians as part of the Orchestra’s new home in Italy. 

We are of course hoping that this project will be able to happen physically in Ferrara, and current information is that it will be possible, but in case conditions change, and in order to ensure our number one priority of the safety of all of our musicians, it could also be held as an EUYO Digital project held online, with the same dates in operation. 


Application Deadline for young Italian musicians: SUNDAY 28 JUNE 2020 

The application process for current EUYO members is closed. If you are a 2020 member and have not received an invitation this should only be because your instrument is not required. This year we only require Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses.

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