Performing, Teaching and sharing the values of the European Union

  • Spring Tours

    "These young Europeans are, in fact, the true recipients of our efforts. It is our hope that our enthusiasm may help even more young people to discover the joy of studying and performing music". Read more »

  • Summer Tours

    Summer tours of the EUYO have two reference points: the residences in Grafenegg and Bolzano. Grafenegg has been a welcoming summer home for the EUYO since 2009, and the EUYO recently deepenned its relationship with Grafenegg becoming Orchestra in Residence and Partner in Campus Grafenegg. The won... Read more »

  • EU Ambassador projects

    The EU’s Youth Orchestra and Cultural Ambassador The European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) is an official Cultural Ambassador for the European Union. It brings together the most talented young musicians from all EU member states in an orchestra united by a shared sense of European heritage, inno... Read more »

  • Community Projects

    The EUYO has a Special Project in its home country of Italy including working with the Orchestra’s National Associate and Broadcast Partner Rai, and residencies in its operational home in Ferrara with Ferrara Musica and in Bolzano with Bolzano Festival Bozen. It is soon to announce a new ensemble... Read more »

  • Chamber Projects

    EUYO Ferrara Chamber Academy Launched in September 2018 together with Ferrara Musica, the EUYO Ferrara Chamber Academy focuses on chamber music teaching and performance, and includes an interesting pan-European and national element in the combining of professional and young players from Europe a... Read more »

  • Alumni teaching projects

    The Alumni Teaching Programme was developed as part of the Orchestra’s Towards 2020 programme. It was launched because whenever recent EUYO alumni players performed side by side with those younger and less experienced than them, there was a noticeable powerful and often inspirational teaching eff... Read more »