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Performances created, designed and run by EUYO members 

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In 2020, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen initiated the New European Bauhaus, in order to help shape more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together in Europe. In response to this, the EUYO's Café Bauhaus initiative is planned as an ongoing series of chamber music and ensemble performances created, designed and run by EUYO members and recent alumni in the places where they live, reside or work



Café Bauhaus recreates the inspiration of the Bauhaus movement in a modern guise, targeting as a primary audience young people, as well as diverse and local audiences, and those new to classical music. The initiative aims to connect high quality music performance to modern day issues such as climate change, sustainability, gender equality, diversity, equity and inclusion.



The EUYO team supports projects developed by EUYO members and recent alumni by offering them advice, helping them in finding partners and awarding seed funding to each winning project to help make them a reality. Projects are selected by an open call to all EUYO members and recent alumni each year, currently for three awards each year.


2023 Café Bauhaus Applications

Applications for the 2023 Café Bauhaus awards are now open!

Interested parties should apply according to the timetable below, by completing the Airtable CAFÉ Bauhaus 2023 Application Form available here: CAFE BAUHAUS 2023 APPLICATION FORM. The closing date for applications is 23 December 2022. Any questions regarding the CAFÉ Bauhaus 2023 Awards should be addressed to


14 November 2022       Opening of application call for CAFÉ Bauhaus 2023 Project Awards                    
23 December 2022        Closing date for applications
29 December 2022        Announcement of 2023 Project Awards
January 2023                First CAFÉ Bauhaus 2023 project meetings with the EUYO management
31 December 2023        Date by which CAFÉ Bauhaus 2023 events must have taken place


CAFÉ Bauhaus 2023 Awards are open to all EUYO members and alumni from the last 5 years (i.e. membership years going back to 2017)

As part of applications, applicants will need to submit a project timetable and a detailed draft budget

Once awarded, CAFÉ Bauhaus 2023 Award winners will be required to:

  1. Keep the EUYO informed of any major changes to the timetable
  2. Submit a final report and detailed budget reconciliation

Allow EUYO access to any recorded project material to showcase the projects in perpetuity; the final copyright being retained in all cases by the project. 


All additional information can be found in the Application Info Pack, which you can download here.



Three projects were awarded in 2022:

Trobairitz - Histoires Naturelles

Trobairitz: Histoires Naturelles is a project that consists of four cross-art chamber music concerts in Paris where the public has an important participation role. Performances are created in the form of story-telling, based on music from different epochs and styles combined together with poetry and elements of acting. Each concert  takes place in a different part of the city and represents themes connected with our modern, sustainable life: ecology awareness, cultural diversity, art and humanity. The artists are not only performers but also cross-art creators, embodying the modern version of the wandering female early Medieval troubadours called Trobairitz.


Trio Borea - Interilles

Trio Bórea will perform a concert series based on their show "Alte Liebe". Interilles is their first attempt at creating an immersive multi-media performance, where chamber music, video projections, video-mapping, live electronics and field recordings come together. The concept of these sessions is to bring this new way of understanding classical music concerts to all corners of the Balearic Islands. Trio Bórea believe that culture and tourism should go hand in hand to create more sustainable and attractive cultural spaces. Therefore, they would like to inspire new generations to get involved in the cultural environment of their surroundings. During Interilles the trio escapes from the traditional concert format, interacting with the audience using the entire stage, and inviting the audience to participate actively in the performance through the use of new technologies.


Thirteen North - Human Connection

Scotland-based string ensemble Thirteen North are excited to be developing a project in Glasgow that explores the power of human connection. Combining music from Scotland’s heritage of folk music with classical works also inspired by folk, while bringing the performances to life through a collaboration with a Glasgow-based film artist, they will explore the importance of human connection across all demographics of society. The project will be workshopped with youth participants at a local music hub, performed at exciting contemporary arts venues, and shared with the most senior of Scotland’s population at local residential homes; the aim is to draw an organic line of creative connection across a portion of the Glaswegian population. Following two years of challenging isolation felt by many, Thirteen North wants to demonstrate how music has the capacity to connect us across the ages, and celebrate the importance of shared creative experiences.