Community Projects

The EUYO has a Special Project in its home country of Italy including working with the Orchestra’s National Associate and Broadcast Partner Rai, and residencies in its operational home in Ferrara with Ferrara Musica and in Bolzano with Bolzano Festival Bozen. It is soon to announce a new ensemble in residence project in a new Italian city. 

In Ferrara, as part of its Orchestra in Città! Project, the Orchestra performs as the Resident Orchestra in the Ferrara Musica series developing the tradition of concerts established in Ferrara by the Orchestra’s Founding Music Director Claudio Abbado. It is currently developing a new Music Minus the Rules series of performances for audiences new to classical music and for young audiences. This follows Ferrara projects such as Hands On, open rehearsals and other community projects.

In Bolzano the EUYO developed its Spazio Klassik project with Bolzano Festival Bozen, performing to new audiences in small groups in especially designed intimate mobile performance yurts, and also performs conventional concerts as part of the Bolzano Festival Bozen. Other informal Bolzano performances include the Orchestra’s Close Up outdoor concerts and Music Gallery performances in the Hotel Park Laurin, Bolzano.

The EUYO works with its broadcast partner Rai on a variety projects. Together Rai and the EUYO have increased Italian membership of the EUYO by more than 500% in the years of its first Special Project between 2018 and 2020.