EU Ambassador projects

“the best possible ambassador for the European Union”
European Commission President
Jean-Claude Juncker

The EU’s Youth Orchestra and Cultural Ambassador

The European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) is an official Cultural Ambassador for the European Union. It brings together the most talented young musicians from all EU member states in an orchestra united by a shared sense of European heritage, innovation, and the constant pursuit of excellence. The Orchestra embodies and makes tangible the highest ideals of the Union to bring people together in harmony.

The EUYO's Ambassador Credentials

The EUYO was founded by unanimous vote of the European Parliament on 8 March 1976, and given official patronage by the European Commission on 22 April 1976. The Orchestra’s President is, ex officio, the President of the European Parliament, and its Head of Honorary Patrons the President of the European Commission. Its Honorary Patrons include the Heads of Government of the EU’s Member States, and it operates through a network of National Associate organisations in each EU member state, thus ensuring an appropriate balance between pan-EU and EU member state interestsThe EUYO is the only cultural organisation in the world to recruit by face to face auditions every year in every EU Member State and with the aspiration to have representation from every EU Member State. 

The EUYO's Ambassador Programme

As Cultural Ambassador, the EUYO performs a regular programme representing significant EU celebrations and commemorations. Performances include events celebrating Europe Day, EU Member State Presidencies, European Cities of Culture, and important European anniversaries. Recent Ambassador projects include concerts for the Slovak, Estonian, Austrian and Romanian EU Presidencies, a performance as part of Wroclaw's European City of Culture, events in Berlin, Alicante and South America in celebration of 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, the close of the EU-China Year of Tourism in Xi'an, and a performance in Paris at the Arc de Triomphe as part of the 100th. anniversary commemoration of the end of the First World War.

To contact the EUYO regarding its ambassador projects please e mail the EUYO Executive Co-ordinator Stefania Sajeva.