Spring Tours

"These young Europeans are, in fact, the true recipients of our efforts. It is our hope that our enthusiasm may help even more young people to discover the joy of studying and performing music".

With this final statement Claudio Abbado, co-founder and conductor of the then-named ECYO - European Community Youth Orchestra - cheered the first Spring Tour of the Orchestra in 1978. Spring tours have since been a vital part of the Orchestra, and are often the first time when players have the opportunity to meet each other after the annual selection process.

For the young musicians, the experience of being in the EUYO Spring Tour is a tremendous assistance to their careers. The chance of working with leading conductors, soloists and professors, and of giving concert performances in a vast array of countries and venues, is as important as the meeting with players from all EU member states. It means that EUYO players not only learn how to tour and increase their musical skills, but also learn how to live with "unity in diversity", the motto of the EU.

Spring Tour Residencies
On Spring Tours, players have the opportunity to work with expert instrumental professors and to perform in great concert halls, all over the world, with renowned conductors and soloists. Tours normally begin with a 2-3-week residency rehearsal period, when musicians work in tutti rehearsals and in sectionals with the EUYO Tutors. Currently the EUYO's spring residency is at its operational home in Ferrara, at the Teatro Comunale Claudio Abbado. 

In addition to the preparation of repertoire for the forthcoming tour, the rehearsal period offers opportunities for chamber music and other recreational and social activities to enable musicians to make the most of working in a trans-national environment.

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