Summer Tours

Summer tours of the EUYO have two reference points: the residences in Grafenegg and Bolzano. 
Grafenegg has been a welcoming summer home for the EUYO since 2009, and the EUYO recently deepenned its relationship with Grafenegg becoming Orchestra in Residence and Partner in Campus Grafenegg. The wonderful location, close to the river Danube and Vienna, offers exceptional spaces for rehearsals, workshops, laboratories, intimate and also large scale performances. Together, Grafenegg and the EUYO launched the European Music Campus (EMC) in 2014, and in 2018 celebrated the European Year of Cultural Heritage together. Every summer Grafenegg and the EUYO present a variety of traditional and innovative projects, including Music Labs, Late Night Sessions, and the Music Gallery - chamber  music played throughout the rooms of Schloss Grafenegg combining the freedom of an art gallery with the musical inspiration of a concert.
Bolzano Festival Bozen is the second annual summer residency for the EUYO. Founded by the EUYO's Founding Music Director Claudio Abbado and Director from 1976 - 1994,  the Festival is a project of the Comune di Bolzano, and hosts a range of performances and workshops across July and August, through to the beginning of September. It is also the home of the EUYO and Bolzano's Spazio Klassik project.

Summer Tour Residencies
On Summer Tours, players will have the opportunity to work with expert instrumental professors and to perform in great concert halls, all over the world, with renowned conductors and soloists. Summer tours begin with a 3-week rehearsal period, when musicians work in tutti rehearsals and in sectionals with the EUYO Tutors.

In addition to the preparation of repertoire for the forthcoming tour, the rehearsal period offers opportunities for chamber music and other recreational and social activities to enable musicians to make the most of working in a trans-national environment.

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