How you can Support Us

We are Europe's musical future. If you are an individual who likes our work, an alumni who has gained through membership, an appreciative audience member, or a company who shares our values, we hope to find ways to help you support our work.

Corporate, individual and trust support is a crucial element of the EUYO's success, enabling us to:                                                                                 

  1. Audition, select and recruit the finest young players in Europe - Well over 2,000 young musicians are auditioned by a panel of EUYO experts in each of the 27 EU member countries every year, from which 110 - 120 core members are selected. Every one of them is a potential future leader in music in Europe.
  1. Perform major international tours - Our ambitious tours enable the Orchestra’s young musicians to play in major concert halls, festivals and iconic sites as well as in informal performances throughout Europe and globally, to a wide variety of audiences. 
  1. Deliver diverse audience engagement projects - A creative and collaborative audience engagement programme enables the musicians to connect with and inspire new audiences and deepen the experience of current audiences through a rich variety of innovative projects.
  1. Invest in our players' career and personal development - We have a variety of programmes to help train tomorrow's musical leaders in Europe including music labs, career training, apprenticeships, mentorships and a global exchange programme.


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Together with core funding from the EU and its 27 member states, the support of companies, individual donors and charitable foundations enables us to fulfil our commitment to help young European musicians gain the skills to inspire diverse audiences and contribute to society. See examples of our current Corportate, Trust and Individual Supporters here

For Corportate, Trust and Individual Support please contact Riitta Hirvonen: +44 20 7235 7671